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Alpha Comfort Bed

The Alpha Comfort Bed has a luxurious stretch cover to aid a comfortable sleeping surface.

Product Details

  • Generous upholstery layers combine with a Bonnell sprung mattress to ensure soft comfort with proper underlying support.
  • The spring unit is side reinforced to prevent edge breakdown and widen the total sleeping area.
  • Sleep on both sides to extend mattress life and performance, and by turning regularly.

Perfect Sleep Environment, advice from the Sleep Council

An increasing amount of detailed sleep studies and accessible information means that we’re becoming more and more aware of the importance of sleep. People are now making sleep a priority, with a strong understanding of why a perfect bedtime routine, exercise, relaxation and healthy food are so beneficial.

Scientific breakthroughs have benefited us all in the sleep department, but at the same time, we’ve been hindered. We’re in an age of the internet, smartphones and non-stop high-pressure jobs, which means most of us are partaking in activities that have a negative effect on our sleep.

In order to enjoy a restful night’s sleep, you must pay some attention to your environment. Check out the sleep councils advice here on the top six things that should be considered.

Bed Sizes

0.90cm Single
135cm Double
150cm King


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