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Karndean Pennon

The Karndean Pennon interior image shows a bold geometry paired with the subtle grey hues. This Pennon design creates a real three-dimensional statement floor, ideal for large spaces where you want the floor to be the focus. Pennon features three popular stone looks from the sophisticated Art Select collection.

The Half Pennon pairs the gentle, soft timber grain effect of Frosted Birch and White Washed Oak from the Van Gogh collection, this cool grey-brown toned floor adds a subtle statement to any room. The subtle grain direction of the planks adds a three-dimensional effect to this design.

The Kaleidoscope Collection

Kaleidoscope by Karndean Designflooring features a wide array of hues, shapes and patterns including cubes, hexagons, chevrons and woven designs, all carefully crafted by their in-house product designers to offer 3D impact, movement or visual contrast.

Each Kaleidoscope floor has been individually cut from the established wood and stone luxury vinyl designs, including popular colourways from Art Select, Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Opus and Knight Tile ranges.

Ideal as a standalone floor design or as a feature rug-effect, the collection boasts the subtle and sophisticated chevron layout of Apex to the striking and statement 3D effects of Cubix and Pennon. Influenced by the emerging trend for basket weave effects in hallways and dining spaces, there are also two Woven designs in wood and stone with complementary borders.


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