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Stress Relief Pillow

The Stress Relief Pillow offers a restful night’s sleep with built in stress relief technology backed by science, powered by nature.

This De-Stress Biocrystal® Medium Support Pillow combines 16 different types of crystals for sleep. An innovation of nature, science and technology to deliver the solution for comfort and much-needed, quality sleep.

The efficiency of  Biocrystal® is proven by tests conducted at a European Institute under clinical conditions and recognised doctors in various fields of expertise.

The Stress Relief Pillow has a mixture of crystal powder that is immersed into the fabric through printing in a subtle geometric pattern. The sleep crystals are chosen for their unique benefits to calm your heartbeat, slow down rapid breathing and relax muscle tension, each aiding in the reduction of stress and improved quality of sleep.

Radiating up to a distance of 50cm, the patented Biocrystal® technology works through bedding to seamlessly fit into your complete sleep solution bedding.

The pillow is filled with advanced, highly compressible Smartfil® fibres that will recover and return to their original plump shape even after repeated washing. Encased in 100% sustainably sourced BCI cotton cover delivers an extra layer of luxury.



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